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Meet Our Travel Gurus

J. (George) Romberg, President

George Romberg serves as the President of Magic Tours & Travel Ltd. For over 30 years, George has provided leadership, advice and experience to the company. He is well known for his personal commitment to the industry, pursuit of business excellence and passion for community involvement.


His President's Tours have been extremely well received, and George continues to organize these in order to provide travellers (both new and well-seasoned) with the opportunity to experience Latin America in a very unique, personalized way.


George has travelled extensively throughout Latin American and includes a lot of his personal travel experiences in the tours that Magic Tours & Travel offers. "Latin America is my passion," claims George and it shows in the way he presents his "magical destinations".





Patricia Hachey, Manager

Patricia Hachey is the Manager of Magic Tours & Travel, and has served in this capacity for a number of years.


Patricia started in 1987 as George's Executive Assistant, and having learned from the best, worked her way to the top. Through her extensive training and personal experience, Patricia has developed a deep understanding and working knowledge of the Latin American tourism business. She is truly an asset for Magic Tours & Travel.


In addition to serving as Manager, Patricia heads up Magic Tours & Travel's airfares department, benefitting from years of experience to bring our clients the most convenient options available, at the best rates and from the various airlines serving "our part of the world".





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